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For the right & effective treatment of infertility in Men – Sexologist in Delhi

Infertility has affected large number of people across different segments of the society.In the recent years,cases of infertility have gone up like never before.Many couples are facing this issue.However,have you ever thought about the factor that lead to the condition?It is the improper eating habits and poor lifestyle which has affected the life of many couples. Nothing can be more worrying than inability to give birth to baby.If you are also suffering from infertility problem then instead of worrying,what you can do is get in touch sexologist in Delhi who will help you deal with the situation.

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Infertility is commonly defined as the inability to perform the very basic function of reproduction.There are two stages of this disease – primary Stage and secondary Stage.Primary infertility refers to the condition in which coupes fail to conceive even one year of having unprotected sex while in secondary case,couple was able to conceive once but is not able to do it again.In either of the cases,consulting the sexologist Doctor is the only solution to deal with these problems.

As observed in most of the cases,one of the main reasons for infertility in men’s is low sperm counts.As per the research,it has been found that near about sixty percent of men complain of the problem.The only thing is irrespective of the reason, inability to conceive baby can bring storm in the life of couples.Getting it treated on time is important for smooth and happy life.No matter what the reason for infertility is,it becomes easy to get rid of the issue if you are able to find the right and effective treatment – sexologist in Delhi.The arrival of bundle of joy will bring happiness to your family.Do not hesitate and consult the doctor right away.

Health, Men's Health, Sexologist, sexologist Doctor, Sexology, Sexual Health, Uncategorized

When you are suffering from sexual dysfunction – Best Sexologist in India

Sexual dysfunction is one of the most common problems that men suffer from.It is a problem that crops up at any point of sexual health response that averts both partners from achieving ultimate sexual satisfaction.There are four phases in the sexual response cycle namely – excitement,orgasm and resolution.If you are suffering from sexual dysfunction in any of the four phases then seeking advice from sexual health expert might help you.visit the Best Sexologist in India .If you are facing the similar condition and rest assured that you will be able to overcome the problem and achieve ultimate pleasure.

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Causes of sexual dysfunction

There are several causes of sexual dysfunction of which a few are given below:

Psychological Causes – There are several psychological causes that lead to sexual Health issue.Some of these causes are feelings of guilt,effects of previous sexual trauma,work related anxiety as well as stress,relationship or marriage problem, fears of sexual performance and depression among others.

Physical Causes – Many medical and physical conditions can lead to problems when it comes to your Married life.Health conditions such as neurological disorders,vascular and heart ailments,hormonal imbalances and diabetes and other chronic ailments such as drug abuse,alcoholism and liver failure also affect your sexual Health desire and may lead to sexual dysfunction as well.In addition to this,there are side effects of some medicines like antidepressant drugs can also affect your sexual Health life,to a great extent.

There are many ways in which sexual dysfunction can affect the life of men’s.Some of the most common problems that are related sexual dysfunction are inhibited sexual Health desire,erectile dysfunction and Premature ejaculation disorders.If you are suffering from any of these conditions then there is no need for you to panic at all as Best Sexologist in India can help you in overcoming these issues.